Sky Battletron X

Sky Battletron X is a game developed by Team Edge at DigiPen. As Technical Director, I designed and maintained the architecture, focusing much less on game play than my other team members while focusing more on maintainability of the C++ code.

The engine, Edge Engine, is a highly-modular and extendable code base, and most of the game play takes part in scripts, where engine functionality is available as needed. The design can be summarized as follows:

I also performed coding outside the code base. I created a small custom build system, a program that automatically generates milestone code reports (lines of code per author), and a status tracker that scans SVN comments and constructs a weekly report.

I wrote most of the code, except for graphics (to which I only advised our graphics programmer) and game play scripts. My total line count is roughly 13,330.

The aiming for both the player and enemy ships in space inspired me to write two papers on target selection and predictive aiming.

The following is a small example of game play: